Wie Zauberei: Galvanisierung | MIRKADA Magazin

Like magic: galvanization

A precious ornament with another metal, like with a magic wand? There is nothing simpler and more complicated... To make the product shine platinum, sparkle with gold or be covered with noble black paint, our electroplating experts can do it.

Did you know that...

Electroplating is known to everyone since school days from chemistry classes. It is the process of coating the surface of a metal with another metal by depositing salt solutions under the influence of electric current. In jewelry making, the same is true: the cathode is the coated object, while the anode is metal that must be applied to the object.

The most popular types of electroplating are rhodium plating, gold plating and oxidizing, which we have already mentioned. And their main purpose is to protect the jewelry from mechanical influences and to bring out the beauty of the precious metal.

All the electroplating in jewelry making is divided into volumetric and local electroplating.

Volumetric electroplating is used to apply the coating to the entire product in electroplating baths. Local electroplating is used to highlight gemstones, create a combination of different metal colors, or highlight any jewelry elements. Local electroplating usually uses white, black and exotic blue rhodium, as well as with very high quality gold.

5 Facts not mentioned

1. our master jeweler can take up to 10 passes to achieve a perfectly uniform electroplating.

2. high quality electroplating of a batch of jewelry takes several hours.

3. if at least one speck of dust enters the electroplating bath during the process, the entire plating can deform and damage the product.

4. during electroplating processes, defects created during the tumbling and polishing of a piece of jewellery "come to the surface".

5. an ideal electroplated coating can be thinner than a hair, but the thicker it is, the more robust and durable it is.

To be as simple in theory and complex in practice is to work jewelry, like magic. It has something of the alchemist era.... And only experienced electroplaters today can achieve perfect results in surface finishing.