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Trends in jewellery world 2020

Learn all the key jewelry trends for the 2020 season. What kind of jewelry should a fashionista have on hand this year to create memorable images?


Fashion 2020 is firmly in favour of minimalism. Many brands agree that modern jewelry should accentuate a woman's beauty and gracefully complement the image, but not overpower it. Simple shapes, delicate lines, exquisite and elegant embodiment - all these criteria are ideal priorities in jewelry fashion.

The pursuit of minimalism is correct not only because of its compliance with fashion trends. Concise details perfectly complement the feminine images of different styles and do not cause compatibility problems. Having in her arsenal at least a few pieces of jewelry in this style, one will always know how to make any look more beautiful and stylish.


If you have long dreamed of wearing the best at once, in the 2020 season you have this opportunity. Designers have set an interesting trend - the combination of different necklaces, pendants, bracelets and even necklaces in one image. At the same time, jewelry can comply with the leading trend - minimalism.


Among the leading trends of the season is the great popularity of white and silver jewelry. Many brands are taking their cue from cool metallic tones that look exquisite and elegant.
But it is not only silver that is used in designing such jewellery. White gold is also a priority.


The women who are not ready to give up yellow and rose gold in the 2020 season are invited to use a magnificent combination of warm and cold metals in one image.
While in the past the combination of silver and gold was considered a bad tone, it has now become a major trend. A great opportunity for your stylish experiments!


The classic blue color, intense yet classy, is an endless source of inspiration for brands in 2020. Blue crystals and gemstones promise to be a unique hit all year round. Fashionistas will choose such jewels for the most beautiful and unique images.


For indecisive and doubting ladies, a pleasant novelty can be a topical embellishment with colored stones. It is important that the jewelry elements in such products are equally saturated. The combination of yellow and green, black and white, pink and blue stones is in the foreground. Elegant appearance of stones and their related shades in the design of the same piece of jewelry.


Transparent stones and cubic zirconia have firmly established themselves in the trends since last autumn and have not relinquished their position since then. If you have already managed to buy exquisite jewelry with such elements, continue to wear it confidently in 2020.


The undisputed favorite of the 2020 season were pearls, which can be perfectly combined with various precious metals and prove that girls' best friends are not only diamonds. It is mainly laconic thin lines in bracelets, earrings and pendants, combined with feminine pearl accents. Stylish necklaces and rings with such inserts are also still very much in demand.
They are mainly laconic thin lines in bracelets, earrings and pendants, combined with feminine pearl accents. Stylish necklaces and rings with such inserts were also in demand.
It's worth reflecting on another important nuance of jewelry fashion in 2020. Many brands refused to make the shape of pearls perfect - from this jewelry they acquired even more charm and originality.


The 2020 season can definitely be called the time of giant jewelry. In the top collections there are large geometric shapes, fancy designs and earrings of incredible length.


Floral motifs also played an important role in the season's jewelry collections. In 2020, you can emphasize your femininity and tenderness with necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the form of flower blossoms or open plants. Many brands have decided to massively emphasize such jewelry. With this design move, you can add stylish accents to your display and focus on the elegant lines of the female body.


In the jewelry trends of the 2020 season, elegant details with birds take a place of honor. Such accessories are distinguished not only by their excellent aesthetics, but also by their deep meaning. For example, a swallow in design symbolizes mercy and feminine beauty, and swan is associated with loyalty and love. Each bird is generally a symbol of freedom and inspiration.


A few years ago women were crazy about massive necklaces, then there was a macro trend for brooches, and now it's time to decorate their hands - rings and bracelets rose to the top of jewelry. The trend is always multi-dimensional and minimalist.
Interestingly, the cold season is not a hindrance for all the above trends. It is now incredibly fashionable to wear bracelets directly over your cuffs. Try this creative technique in practice - you will see how stylish and elegant it looks.


The trendy principle of multiple layers also works unfailingly in rings. Designers have clearly shown in their collections that it is not only possible, but also necessary to wear multiple rings at the same time.
The leading trend in 2020 was stone-free rings. If stones are present in the design, they are presented in a laconic and small way.
It's time to take your grandmother's jewelry out of the box - vintage is more relevant than ever this season.
The extravagant novelty of the season is recognizable as a huge ring sign, which is placed almost on the entire finger limb. Often such accessories are made in a creative futuristic style and become the most fashionable accent in the picture.


The design of earrings is characterized by minimalism and excessive dimensions. In 2020, fashionistas are crazy about big and long jewelry with simple and unusual shapes.
Round shapes are recognized as incredibly stylish. Thus, at the peak of popularity were classic earrings with or without decor, as well as flat circles. Such exquisite accessories are perfectly combined with everyday and evening dresses and beautiful hairstyles.
In the jewelry collections of the 2020 season, the geometric style took a worthy place. Many ladies liked restrained and laconic earrings in this version. Among their favorites are accessories with triangles, circles, arrows and squares.


The main feature of the season is a laconic thin necklace. It is barely visible on the neck, and at the same time 100% fulfills its main task - to make the image more elegant and complete. The most fashionable length of this piece of jewelry allows you to touch the dimples at the base of the neck.
The miniature necklaces of many brands are complemented by the same laconic pendant in one piece.

This year you will find jewelry of incredible beauty that will make even the simplest image stylish, refined and unique!