Ringgröße ermitteln

How to determine the ring size

You like a ring, but you don't know its size? No need to despair. You don't have to go to a jewelry store or get a measuring ring. We've put together some handy suggestions to help you determine your ring size quickly and accurately - just print out our template, which you can download at the end of this post.

At what time should you measure?

Throughout the day, finger thickness can vary by an average of 0.5 sizes for both men and women, depending on circumstances. Therefore, the first thing to decide is when exactly to measure.

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Midday, when a person is at the peak of activity, is considered to be particularly favourable. This is when the optimal fluid balance in the body prevents the fingers from swelling.

When not to determine the ring size:

  • When the room is hot or, conversely, very cold.
  • When you have drunk a lot of water
  • When you are sick After physical exertion (including sports activities)
  • In the early morning or late evening
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The classic size range is from size 48 to 64 in 2 mm increments. The most common women's sizes are 52 to 56, keeping in mind that the ring must pass through the bone between the phalanges. Don't forget this when measuring!

Measuring method 1: Ring template

You can download the ring size template (PDF, 335 KB) here, measure the inner diameter and determine the correct ring size. Make sure that you do not set any scaling under printer settings; or do not use margins and print in original size. Use a ruler to check if the printed control ruler has a length of 10 cm. If the information is not correct - your printer settings are not correct!

Using the ring size template is very easy: Take a ring that you or your partner wears often and compare the ring with the sizes on the template.

Alternatively, you can cut out the circles with scissors and then check which size fits your ring finger.

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Measuring method 2: Size ruler

Take a cotton thread and carefully wrap it around your finger several times. The average width of the "layer" should be 3-6 mm. It doesn't have to be tight, but the thread should be tight enough.

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Cut out the resulting "ring" with scissors and put it on a size ruler of the appropriate size. The length of the thread should be the same as the length of the grey strip. You can read the size of your ring on the left.

Measuring method 3: Measuring template

Our measuring template makes measuring much easier. With this simple tool you can quickly and accurately measure the size of your ring.

Ringgröße ermitteln 5

Cut out the measuring template and slit it at the indicated position. Twist the template into a "ring" and pull it onto your finger. The number on the scale to which the band is tightened is your ring size.