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Silver jewellery with zirconia

It is impossible to imagine today's woman without any jewelry, because such women simply do not exist. It's no wonder either, because only gold and Silver jewellery let them feel a certainty, a magnificence in their own eyes and in the eyes of men.
An example of such jewelry can be silver earrings with cubic zirconia.
The majority of gorgeous ladies agree that it takes some effort and time to form a sense of self-assurance and one's irresistibility. For this, you have to find the appropriate wardrobe, apply the appropriate makeup, procure the hairstyle and, of course, appropriate jewelry. It can be silver earrings with half/precious stones, rings and pendants.

Without jewelry you can not do at all

because exactly with its help it becomes possible to underline the individuality of the lady. That is why the right choice and combination will ensure a beautiful look. And for a better match you can buy, for example, silver earrings and an elegant silver ring, that is a set.
Properly chosen jewelry will not only focus the attention of those around you, but also help to form that unique and irresistible image, in which every woman feels the most confident and that gives her the opportunity to enjoy every moment of that wonderful moment.

Silver earrings with cubic zirconia are very popular and in demand today. Partly, it is due to the fact that silver is considered a "magical" metal by people and has certain mystical properties.
People believed that silver would keep them from witchcraft and cure some diseases. Silver jewelry was even welcomed in royal families and, sometimes, it was even preferred to gold.
In their time, almost all tableware was made of silver and was often inherited from parents to children. At all times, silverware was a sign of wealth and good taste.

Silver earrings, Ringsbracelets, Pendants and other silver jewelry also have healing properties. When one places such an item in water, it purifies it and prevents the occurrence of malignant diseases. With the help of silver it is possible to cure some sepsis diseases, for example, inflammation of the auricle or trophic ulcer. In addition, silver can "suck" harmful substances from the human organism, which prevents salt deposits.

Earrings with cubic zirconia

are the best choice for people who can not afford to buy real diamonds. Zirconia - is a synthetic artificial gemstone, which is very similar to the brilliant. They are so similar, like twins, which leads to the fact that a non-expert will not distinguish the zirconia from the brilliant. And the smaller the stones, the more difficult it is to distinguish it from the real diamond. Sometimes even experts can't tell right away what exactly is in front of them. However, zirconia has some characteristics that allow to recognize it in most cases.

First characteristic: and this is the most important - what cut edges the stone has. In zirconia they are slightly rounded, while in real diamonds the lines are straight and "sharp". If you see rounded edges, be sure that there is a zirconia in front of you.

Thesecond characteristic is that the density of zirconia is higher than that of diamonds, which means that zirconia will be heavier if the parameters are the same. Therefore, if the stone is not integrated into the jewellery, its weight and volume can be used to determine whether it is a zirconia.

For the third property, you need access to X-rays. A brilliant is incredibly transparent. You almost won't be able to see it on an x-ray. Another option is - to shine ultraviolet light through the stone. Zirconia is less transparent than the brilliant in UV rays.
And last but not least, the safest and easiest method to distinguish the brilliant from the zirconia: to show the stone to an expert.
An experienced specialist with special equipment will easily distinguish a real stone from an imitation.
With all its dignity, earrings with z irconia cost a lot cheaper than earrings with diamonds.
Earrings with zirconia stones are perfect for everyday wear and blend well with any outfit. However, they also go well with festive attire and atmosphere.

It should be noted that zirconia does not look worse than real diamonds on both gold and silver jewelry.

The most demanding fashion women

can buy silver earrings with zirconia of various shapes, sizes and colors and change them according to their mood.
Amazingly good are earrings that have a "stone field", where cubic zirconia of small shape join the silver. Such a design decision is very popular thanks to its originality.
The model of earrings, using the "sprinkling", allows the cubic zirconia to show all its transparency or the color of the main stones.
These stones can have different colors and tones, with the right use of which you can get a unique play of colors.
The young fashion women will best fit silver carnation earrings, which have a harmonious and natural look. Zirconia give the jewelers limitless possibilities which are limited only by their imagination.
This is exactly why silver earrings with cubic zirconia are so wonderful and for this very reason, just about no woman can resist these earrings.

Swarovski Zirconia

Swarovski... how much awesomeness there is in that word. Fashionista look at these crystals with such eagerness.
It all started with crystal glass. However, it was the license for cubic zirconia that took the company to the heights.
In Austria, the home of the company, it successfully produces jewelry that is in demand and recognized around the world. Even in a gemmological laboratory, you can not distinguish whether a Swarovski is zirconia or not. However, the price differs rapidly. In addition, Swarovski jewelry is very "sweet". This one will thaw even the coldest heart, probably that's why the prices are so high.