Lass uns in Farben erzählen: Emailliertechnik | MIRKADA Magazin

Let's tell it in colors: Enamelling

For the past few years, MIRKADA Jewelry lovers have been giving preference to enamel jewelry. They are loved for their bright colors, unusual design and reasonable price. You can easily assemble such jewelry by yourself according to individual preferences and different clothes.

Special control

After many months of professional work, technologists of MIRKADA Jewelry have improved the processes of artistic painting of products. All stages of production are divided into small operations, and the strictest control of each of them allows to achieve the highest quality.

Fine speciality

Not long ago, MIRKADA switched to enamel of a fundamentally new quality. We visited the largest manufacturers of jewelry enamels, talked to leading experts and selected samples, which were then sent to an independent testing laboratory for paints and coatings. Within 100 hours, the products were tested in a special chamber. As a result, we received a sample that showed minimal deviations from the standard. This sample was recorded by the laboratory experts and has a special certificate of conformity. Now we have doubled the UV resistance of the enamel in MIRKADA jewellery and all our employees have been trained in the new technology.

Worldwide standards

Another big task for the company was to switch to the Pantone system in the development and production of jewellery with enamel. A few years ago, manufacturers in the jewelry industry didn't think about it, but now this approach is simply necessary. It is surprising that within a company it is possible to choose enamel colors according to the classification of the International Color Institute. Now it is much easier for jewelry designers and craftsmen to interact with each other. The enamel color of each piece of jewelry is reproduced exactly as the jewelry designer envisioned it, in a specific tone. It also makes it possible to maintain the same color within each set and from batch to batch.