Ein Tausend-Dollar-Kuchen

A thousand dollar cake

The famous New York bakery Duchess Cookies sells a cake wrapped in 23 carat gold.

A brownie decorated with gold from Duchess Cookies
A brownie decorated with gold from Duchess Cookies


Sofia Demetru, the owner of the bakery, had long wanted to try her hand at the luxury goods market. She decided not to be petty and immediately launched a cake worth $1,000. By the way, the rest of the products of the bakery cost 4 dollars each.

I thought, why not make something really beautiful and unusual, something really exclusive?

Sofia Demetroux in an interview with FOX Business:
So what is its exclusivity? The cake is made of Red Velvet chocolate sponge cake and wrapped in 23-carat gold foil.

As always with exclusives, you're not paying for the actual price of the product, but for its uniqueness and the opportunity to feel like a VIP. However, Duchess Cookies bakery is not the only place where you can enjoy the precious dessert.

For example, French chocolatier Pascal Caffe offered its customers to indulge in real gold-plated chocolate, Berco made golden popcorn, and New York restaurant Serendipity 3 offers its guests the most expensive and luxurious ice cream worth 1,000 USD.