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The 5 most famous jewels in cinema

Not only do famous actors shine in iconic films, but so does jewelry. Many of them subsequently set trends and become the subject of copies and imitations. They are unique pieces, the production of which requires the highest craftsmanship.

"Titanic": the blue necklace with a diamond.


One of the most famous pieces of jewelry that ever appeared in a movie is the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace. It owes its fame not only to the success of the movie Titanic, but also to the rarity of the heart-shaped gemstone. Blue diamonds of this size can be counted on the fingers.

The movie "Titanic" starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet was released in 1997. At the time, there was little interest in diamonds and especially colored diamonds. Fashion historians and researchers attribute the resurgence of this interest largely to the success of the film.

Legend has it that a large blue cubic zirconia was used in the film. The creators of the jewelry were inspired by a real Hope diamond, or Diamond of Hope. The original 45.52-carat diamond is now valued at $350 million.

After the commercial success of "Titanic", there were many copies of the famous necklace.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" pearl and diamond necklace.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's was released in 1961. The main character's outfit, hairstyle and life principles became legendary. Equally notable is Holly Golightly's pearl and diamond necklace and other jewelry and accessories.

To make the jewelry, 100-200 beads were used, arranged in strands in 4 rows. In the center was a large brooch with diamonds, which added an extra accent to the neckline area. This necklace still looks very luxurious and glamorous today.

Pearls are back in fashion. However, the pearls can be of different quality and price: a river pearl, pearls from the South Seas or a fake pearl can be used for the necklace. The current owner of the jewelry is unknown, but it is believed that if it were offered at auction, it would sell for no less than 100 thousand dollars.

"Pretty Woman": ruby and diamond necklace.

Pretty Woman

The romantic tale of a modern-day Cinderella grossed more than $450 million at the box office. No less grandiose was the jewelry given to Julia Roberts' heroine Vivienne. The necklace with diamonds and rubies looks so magnificent that she is afraid to touch it, and when she asks the price, she gets the answer: "250 thousand dollars".

The necklace for the iconic movie was designed by French jeweler Fred Joyeux. He used 750 white gold, 23 oval cut rubies and diamonds. The jewelry was actually valued at 250 thousand: for security, an armed guard from the jewelry boutique was constantly on site during filming.

After the release of "Pretty Woman" and its success, the value of the necklace increased. Experts estimated its price at $440,000 to $1 million - not only because of the cost of the stones, but also because of the fame that came with it. If the piece of jewelry were created today, it would likely cost even more, as ruby prices have risen since then.

As in the "Heart of the Ocean" story, the ruby and diamond necklace has become a source of inspiration for many jewelry brands. Although it can't be said that the combination of these stones was unique: it can also be found in works created a hundred to two hundred years before the movie's debut.

"Moulin Rouge": a diamond necklace.

Moulin Rouge

The romantic musical "Moulin Rouge" is memorable not only for its costumes, which were designed by 80 costume designers, but also for its jewelry. Nicole Kidman's character, Satine, receives a gift from the Duke in the form of a diamond necklace. It is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever created for a film.

The jewellery required 1,308 diamonds with a total weight of 134 carats. It was made by Australian jeweler Stefano Canturi. The estimated cost of the necklace is $1 million.

"The Great Gatsby" pearl and diamond tiara and bracelet.

The Great Gatsby

"The Great Gatsby" is a movie about the era of jazz. The company Tiffany was responsible for the creation of jewelry: the author of the eponymous novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, was a client of the company. In the course of preparing for the shoot, costume designer Kathryn Martin was able to find his personal correspondence in the archives of the jewelry brand. Tiffany & Co. also released a collection based on the film and placed it in the windows of top boutiques.

The jewelry worn by Carey Mulligan's heroine reflects her status in society, wealth and prosperity. The most memorable of them are a tiara and an Indian-style bracelet decorated with diamonds and pearls. Their value is not known.