Pearl Royale

The most expensive white gold chess set with diamonds

An Australian artist has created the world's most expensive chess set, made entirely of precious metal and worth a whopping $4 million.

Chess set Pearl Royale
Chess set 'Pearl Royale


The world's most luxurious chess set, designed by Australian artist and jeweler Colin Byrne, is made of 18-carat white gold, set with diamonds, sapphires and South Sea pearls. This chess set has been aptly named The Pearl Royale given its stunning exterior.

The manufacturing process was not easy, as it required countless hours of labor and constant attention to perfectly decorate each piece and element with the finest gemstones. The Pearl Royale chess set is encrusted with a total of 500 carats of diamonds, sapphires and South Sea pearls, making it an exceptionally fine collectible that cannot be displayed often enough.

The most expensive white gold chessboard
The most expensive white gold chessboard


Due to its value, this piece was exhibited only once in 2019 at the Beverly Hills Art Gallery in California. The creator of this beautiful chess set, Colin Byrne, intends to exhibit it again at a gathering of the world's best chess players to participate in a tournament on this magnificent chess board.

It may be an interesting idea, but the question remains how many players can really concentrate on the game when they have the diamond pawns and knights in hand. The Pearl Royale chess set is offered for $4 million. It comes with a certificate of quality for diamonds and other precious stones and is offered as a limited edition product.

The queen piece from the Pearl Royale set
The queen piece from the Pearl Royale set.


While the Royal Pearl is undoubtedly the most luxurious chess set, it is not the only precious chess set. The second most expensive is the $1.65 million chess set from M.S. Rau Antiques, which commemorates a battle that took place 2,000 years ago. Slightly less expensive is the gold Royal Chess Set with black and yellow diamonds for $370,000.

If chess is not very interesting for you, then you can consider a game of dominoes as an expensive entertainment. Especially if the set comes from Lieb Manufactory and each knuckle is made of pure gold and set with diamonds.