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Everything you wanted to know about garnet

In the past, the jewelry with garnet was exceptionally preferred by men because its red color embodied courage, bravery and endurance. This flint loved the rulers and generals. Alexander the Great also had such a ring. And simple fighters believed it to be an amulet for wounds.

The mineral became more accessible to "simple" Europeans when it was found in the Czech Republic. Today, the gem is mined in various places around the world, but Czech garnet remains out of competition.

The garnet - Is not a large gemstone, almost like the seeds of the eponymous fruit. Most types of stones are considered precious stones. Jewelers use them as well as semi-precious stones. The most sought after is a semi-transparent, dark red almandine. The natural crystals do not only come in the red color. There are green, yellow, orange, purple, black garnets.

In the past, almost all garnets were cut as cabochons, this made them resemble a drop of blood. Today, such a method is supplemented by diamond cutting. You get an effective, stylish and modern jewelry.

The garnet looks beautiful with the diamonds, amethysts, chrysolites, marcanites and Zirconia from.

The number one competitor for the red stone - is the green one. It is considered to be up-to-date and aesthetic. Garnet gives the jewelry the freshness and is associated with nature.

The largest, with the valuable external properties - are Czech or Bohemian gemstones. In the structure there are no unwanted impurities and stains, the chrome as a component gives a fiery red color play. The Czech garnet is considered as the national property of the country. All rulers of the Czech Republic wore such jewellery as a lucky charm.

Jewellers combine the garnet with gold or silver metal, which always looks elegant. What to choose depends on your personal preferences. As a rule, the red garnet is chosen by the strong personalities.

To make the composition of the jewelry more vivid, you add to it small stones, most often they are the cubic zirconia or diamonds. They perfectly match an evening, red clothes, as well as black, white or brown ones. Excluded are the clothes with the yellow and orange color. Golden garnet jewels are in vogue on ceremonial occasions and business meetings.

For the office, two pieces of jewelry are enough, for example, the earrings and a ring. For the evening one can add a bracelet.

A silver setting is chosen when one wants to attract attention to the stone. The deep red garnet is finely accentuated by the silver.

The fine beautiful silver jewellery does not go out of fashion. Such a gift is the best expression of true love.