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All about jewellery with agate

The high hardness and durability of agate allows you to create different designs of earrings, rings, beads, bracelets and other beautiful accessories. It is worth noting that agate jewelry is popular not only among women. For example, due to the unique pattern of agate that creates its special layering, there is also men's jewelry.

Our online store offers a wide selection of silver agate jewelry. In addition, the designs are so versatile that the choice can be difficult.
The cut is usually cabochon, as the stone itself is quite difficult to work with, but thanks to this shape you can emphasize the beauty of the mineral. The most popular models of earrings with agate are the classics. They are small pieces of jewelry with a small stone in a gold or silver setting.

If we look at the rings with the mineral, we can immediately see that there are definitely no limits to the imagination of designers and jewelers. Moreover, there is no rule regarding the metal in which the agate rings are set. It all depends on the shade of the stone itself. For example, light colored stones are often set in darker metals such as blackened silver, yellow or rose gold, or bronze. Saturated, dark minerals, however, go best with sterling silver, white gold, or platinum.

Jewelry with agate for the neck is also a very popular product. In this case, the gemstone is cut in the shape of a circle or oval. In some cases, it is not processed at all and presented in the form in which it was created by nature. It is worth noting that agate itself, regardless of its shade, does not need to be complemented, as it looks chic even in a single version.

In addition to the aesthetic value of agate bracelet has a distinctive feature - it is used as an energy tool in alternative medicine. The bracelet helps regulate the digestive system, circulation, skin diseases, stabilizes the nervous system and prevents inflammatory processes.