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10 tips for your perfect style

Fashion currently does not pay as much attention to the clothes as to the way they are worn and combined, how they are used to accentuate their advantages. It is no secret that flawless appearance is one of the factors of success. No wonder today's woman gives so much time to her style. At the same time, every fashion-conscious woman knows that the image cannot be complete if any accessories are missing.
Shiny jewels or gorgeous costume jewelry can highlight to the fullest extent the dignity of your look or attire. However, one must not forget that improperly chosen jewelry can put your taste under question and spoil your appearance. One should be very careful while choosing the jewelry. It is very important not only to rely on your own taste, but also to pay attention to simple rules of wearing and combining accessories:

1. do not combine the jewelry of different metals. For example, a ring of white gold, bracelet of yellow and earrings of red will never go well together. Such a thing is possible only in the design of a jewelry.

2. jewellery made of different materials is not recommended to be combined. A "Shamballa" bracelet will never go with Gold earrings go together. A Silver necklace will dissonate with a gold ring. Better limit yourself to any jewelry, it will accentuate your appearance properly.

3. One of the main moments is combining gemstones. A brilliant loses its mature preciousness in profusion of. Garnets, rubies, turquoises, topazes, sapphires. The stone shows itself in full beauty only when it is alone or surrounded by its peers.

4. choose your jewelry to match your clothes. A large ethnic necklace will hardly go with gold or silver earrings, as well as with an elegant ring. It is better to choose a large necklace with a bracelet.
A fine necklace with a classic pendant will go well with elegant gold or silver earrings.

5. The rule of three decors is known to almost every woman since birth. One may wear only three pieces of jewelry at a time: Ring + bracelet + earrings; necklace + earrings + bracelet; watch +. Earrings + brooch; etc. But never put on ring, earrings, necklace and watch at the same time.
Very important: necklace + brooch = taboo forever! Remember that only what is moderate is good.
With jewelry we only accentuate and do not use it as clothing.

6. pay attention to your physical proportions. Delicate ladies will not fit massive rings and large necklaces. A thin neck will emphasize a fine chain, classy necklace and long earrings.
At the same time, a thin, light ring will not fit appropriately on a roundish finger of a larger lady. The beauty of such hands emphasize large gems and massive jewels.

7. choose jewelry according to your age. A young girl should not wear a massive set of gold with big diamonds. Just like an older lady will not fit the costume jewelry.

8. if you want to wear anything non-standard, such as "long finger" ring, big designer necklace, wide bracelet or other fashion trends, the most important rule for you is - it must be only ONE.

9. Consider the space of your stay. Remember thatyour jewelry should look appropriate.
A business dress code presupposes the jewelry strictly according to "the rule of three decors", according to the law of combination of stones and metals (see above).
For an evening outing, these rules are recommended.
If you plan to wear an evening dress, choose a festive jewelry. For example, earrings with diamonds or Swarovski crystals, earrings with rubies, emeralds and agates; rings with solid stones; gold watches with diamonds. They will shine in the twilight. When choosing a necklace or necklace, think of how it will go with the neckline of your outfit.
A dress with a collar will "not tolerate" a solid necklace, and a triangular neckline will not go very nicely with a long thin pendant.
For work, something gold or silver will fit well, such as understated rings or small chains with pendants. However, we note that these rules lose force if your work is creative or does not impose a strict dress code - in this case, you can take some liberties.

10. combining jewelry with precious stones is the most difficult. The main rule here - the color harmony.
All red gemstones (coral, ruby, garnet, tourmaline) do not go with any other color. They are worn in a single color.
Good combination possibilities have white and black stones. In this case, only one rule applies - do not overdo it. Also, there should not be too many. Dressed together, black, blue and purple stones are not allowed - this is a very difficult combination.
Yellow stones (citrine, spinel, amber) go well with all jewels, except blue and purple.
Green gemstones (emerald, chrysoprase, malachite, chrysolite) combine well with all stones, but also look excellent on their own.

Don't be afraid to take on the role of fashion's lawmaker. Reject the commonplace and trust your good taste and whim!